Barrel of Monks Brewing to release Owen Tequila Barrel-Aged Tripel

Barrel of Monks Brewing, Boca Raton’s brewery dedicated to the exploration and flavors of Belgian-inspired beers announces the release of Owen, a Belgian Tripel aged in Tequila Barrels.

Owen follows in Barrel of Monks Brewing’s path of exploring the rich history of Belgian ales. Owen is the barrel-aged version of the brewery’s fan-favorite Three Fates Belgian Tripel, and is traditionally aged for a year in tequila barrels. The brewery describes where the beer gets its name and the special meaning this beer has to them:

Barrel of Monks Brewing Own Tequila Tripel

From Barrel of Monks Brewing

This extraordinary beer is a heartfelt tribute to our dear friend Owen, who passed away in 2012 after a long struggle with cancer. This remarkable beer pays homage to Owen’s love for Belgian brews and tequila, combining the spiciness of tequila with the natural phenolic spice of our tripel yeast. Experience the complexity of this beer with its wine-like nose, hints of grapefruit, spicy oak, and a dry, caramel-malty backbone. Toast to Owen’s memory and savor this limited-edition brew.

Barrel of Monks Brewing will release Owen Tequila Barrel-Aged Tripel on Saturday, June 10th (Pre-sales begin Wednesday, June 7th). The cost will be $25 per bottle.




Barrel of Monks Brewing Logo 2022

About Barrel of Monks Brewing
Barrel of Monks was founded by good friends who came together to create something that has seldom been done in the United States…a brewery making exclusively Belgian-style beer. The focus is on quality – combining traditional techniques with modern technology.

Several years ago, they started traveling to Belgium to see how their favorite beers were brewed. Along the way, they learned about themselves as well as the beer. The three friends started brewing themselves and never looked back, honing their brewing skills to develop high-quality ales reminiscent of the fine ales coming out of Belgium.

Barrel of Monks Brewing is located at 1141 South Roagers Circle in Boca Raton.