Pompano Beach’s Odd Breed Wild Ales releases Brettanotor Doppelbock

Pompano Beach’s Odd Breed Wild Ales is known for their sour ales and wild ales and their eye for experimentation. The next release is a wild take on a classic German style: the doppelbock.

From Odd Breed:

Odd Breed BrettanatorFor this years’ Oktoberfest celebration, we are releasing a big boy beer. You may remember that last year, we collaborated with our friends at King Fox to release Prestidigitator. Prestidigitator is a traditional German-style Doppelbock Lager brewed with all German ingredients before patiently cold conditioning for a smooth, malty and full-bodied experience. We’re very happy with how this beer turned out, but sadly, it is all gone.

But that’s where Brettanator comes in. After cold lagering, we transferred some Prestidigitator into our French oak barrels inoculated with our house Brettanmoyces culture to get funky.

Brettanator pours crystal clear reddish-brown, with thick foam that lasts forever and lacing that coats the glass. Brettanator presents classic Doppelbock notes of toasted pumpernickel and cocoa, while our house wild yeast contributes impressions of plums with a touch of leather and earthy Brett funk. Despite the attenuative nature of our house yeast, this beer remains full-bodied. While a good bit stronger than your typical autumnal celebratory lager, this beer is perfect for welcoming the fall harvest and transition to cooler temperatures.

Brettanator was packaged on April 19th of this year, and like always, was patiently bottle conditioned. 8.6% ABV

Bottles are sold with the stein for $35. For those who just want the bottles, they are priced at $25, and individual steins are $15

This Friday (9/8) at Noon, bottles of Brettanator will go on sale on the Oznr app, and will be available for pick up when we open our taproom at 4pm.

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About Odd Breed Wild Ales
Based in Pompano Beach, FL, Odd Breed Wild Ales is one of just a handful of breweries in the country focusing on producing wild ales that are fermented and aged in oak. OB’s management views oak-aged wild ales as the ultimate, most complex type of beer—and customers and beer lovers agree wholeheartedly. For additional information, visit: OddBreed.com.