Zymarium Meadery new meads coming in cans and draft

Orlando’s young but fierce Zymarium Meadery is announcing several new meads coming tomorrow in cans and on draft.

From Zymarium Meadery:

Florida Lychee cans are BACK!!

Along with a brand new

Pineapple Passionfruit session mead!

*Tomorrow, Thursday, the 28th at 5pm*

Zymarium Session MeadsAfter selling out of Florida Lychee with our first can release, we’re bringing back this fan favorite for our second can release, along with a BRAND NEW session mead, ‘Pineapple Passionfruit’, that’s just as fruity and delicious,

and bursting flavor. Both meads are also currently on tap, so you enjoy a glass in the taproom before you grab some cans to go!

Florida Lychee and Pineapple Passionfruit Cans go on sale


in the taproom, available in 12oz-4 packs or singles!


if you are not local…

You can have cans shipped straight to your doorstep in 40 different states!

(Please note, Bottles and Cans must be shipped separately)

This is your last chance to get Guava Pastelillos Cans, and it may be a year or two before we make it again, so get some before they are gone!

Two new meads on draft!!

Pineapple Passionfruit

Session Mead – 6.9% abv

Florida Orange Blossom Honey, Pineapples and Passion Fruit, this refreshing mead is perfectly balanced between the honey and tart fruits. It’s also available in cans to take home!

Barrel-Proof Black Mangrove

Off-Dry Barrel-Aged Traditional Mead – **18.4% abv**

There is only ONE keg of this special mead, because we turned the rest into our previously released BA French Toast mead! This was the base mead, before the Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Vanilla were added. It’s chest-warming, rich with New American Oak, and even at 18.4% abv it’s an easy sipper.


Zymarium Meadery logo

About Zymarium Meadery

Zymarium Meadery is an award-winning meadery focusing on using local honey, unique flavors, and quality ingredients. We make all of our meads onsite, just 20 feet from the taproom where they’re served.

Since a mead can never be better than the quality of its ingredients, we use only the best honey we can find. We source our honey from as many local sources as we can, usually within two hours of Orlando, ensuring that our our meads are not only hyper local, but the money goes back to growing local hives and bee population (drink mead, save the bees!). We only use honey that has not been heated ensuring that the volatile aromatics and enzymes of the honey are preserved. Our local honey is unfiltered, just like our meads, to preserve the local pollen.

We take a modern approach to mead making, applying all the latest science of both wine- and beer-making to ensure our meads unlock the true potential of the honey while focusing on continually exploring new flavor profiles, taking full advantage of the fact that all honey tastes different!