Odd Breed Wild Ales closing its doors

In another unfortunate turn of events in the Sunshine State, Pompano Beach’s Odd Breed Wild Ales has announced that the brewery will close at the end of July 2024.
From Odd Breed Wild Ales:

After 8 years in Pompano Beach, our rental rate is scheduled to increase to a rate that is not sustainable for a brewery. We have made the decision to close our doors at the end of July.

Odd Breed Wild Ales closing doorsIncreased operating costs, coupled with a changing beer climate have made things increasingly difficult for a brewery that focuses exclusively on mixed culture beer aged in barrels. We believed in the vision the city of Pompano had for our neighborhood, but the issues with crime and vagrancy have increased, all while the neighborhood remains mostly vacant. We had hoped our neighborhood would be filled with bars and restaurants like we were promised by the city eight years ago, but there has been no progress. Multiple businesses have been “coming soon” for more than 5 years, but have not begun construction. Our lease does not allow us to serve food or have food trucks, making it difficult to get foot traffic. Paying premium retail rental rates while selling most of our beer out of state and overseas just isn’t sustainable.

Despite our challenges, I’m incredibly grateful for the support from our loyal local customers, as well as those who have supported us from a distance purchasing our beer in bars and bottle shops around the world. Most brewers get to make a few beers they like, and in today’s weird beer climate, a lot of brewers make mostly beers they do not like. I am extremely fortunate to have been able to focus exclusively on beers that are important to me. I’ve created over 240 beers at Odd Breed. I’ve been allowed to let my creativity run wild, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to experiment.
I’ve been in this industry for nearly two decades, and I’m still as passionate about beer as I’ve ever been. A lot of that is due to the support and enthusiasm of our fans. Thank you!

As we wind down operations, we will have one more new bottle release, and plenty of vintage bottles available for sale. I hope to see you guys at the taproom before we close, and thank you for allowing me to create beers with Flavor From Fermentation.

To learn more about Odd Breed Wild Ales, listen to owner and brewer Matt Manthe on the Drink Beer Think Beer podcast.

As another talented Florida brewer closes his doors, it is a reminder of what a challenging environment 2024 has been for craft breweries. Florida Beer News editor Mark DeNote mentions some of these issues beginning in 2019 with Red Cypress Brewing closing its doors. Just a reminder that The Lessons of Red Cypress Brewing now ring truer than ever.


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About Odd Breed Wild Ales
Based in Pompano Beach, FL, Odd Breed Wild Ales is one of just a handful of breweries in the country focusing on producing wild ales that are fermented and aged in oak. OB’s management views oak-aged wild ales as the ultimate, most complex type of beer—and customers and beer lovers agree wholeheartedly. For additional information, visit: OddBreed.com.