About Florida Beer News

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFlorida Beer News was born in 2013 when our editor, Mark, noticed that many Florida breweries were not receiving national attention for the work they did. Florida Beer News was born as a vehicle for Florida’s independent craft breweries to tell the world about general news, beer releases, and anything else of note.

Florida is one of the country’s most rapidly-growing beer scenes, and Florida Beer News seeks to be at the forefront, helping craft beer drinkers in Florida connect with the news of their breweries and breweries around the country in the Florida market. In 2012, the Tampa Bay Area saw five new craft breweries open their doors. A state that once held fewer breweries than fingers on a hand now boasts close to 60 breweries and brewpubs, with several dozen in the planning and opening stages.

Our goal at Florida Beer News is to provide a hub of news and reliable information surrounding Florida’s craft beer scene. We work to confirm the news before we post anything, and are constantly looking for ways to help further the cause of craft beer in Florida.

Part of this goal is to write the story of Floridian craft beer. As of 2015, Mark has written two books about Florida craft beer: one about the entire state and one about Tampa Bay’s history. Mark is currently working on his third book, this time a project of a different color. Look for Mark promoting these books and speaking about Florida’s craft beer past, present, and future around the state.

For more information, please contact mark@floridabeernews.com