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More Florida breweries are raising funds with community capital sources like Mainvest

More breweries than ever before are turning to community capital- rather than institutional capital alone- to fund their craft beer ventures. Through Mainvest, both established and aspiring brewers can secure a round of funding from community supporters and fans. Using Revenue Sharing Notes, breweries can raise funds from both accredited and non-accredited investors and repay with a percentage of revenue rather than a set interest rate.

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Finding employment in craft beer

Finding a job in the craft brewing industry (Sponsored Post)

One of the questions on the mind of many beer enthusiasts is how to turn a craft beer hobby into a craft beer day job. Many people would like to trade in their daily job in order to follow the storyline of craft brewers who cast aside their 9-5s in exchange for mash paddles and then never had to look back.

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Let’s help our local breweries and beer retailers during COVID-19

With the announcement that Hunahpu’s Day 2020 is canceled for the first time in the event’s eleven-year history, many beer enthusiasts are wondering how to support their Tampa Bay craft beer community.  While other events are still taking place, it seems like more cancellations will occur in the coming days and weeks.  Some cities have even suspended large gatherings of people as a precaution against spreading COVID-19