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Floridian in Flagstaff – Arizona Travels Part 1

Floridian in Flagstaff – Arizona Travels Part 1

Recently, Florida Beer News was invited to visit the city of Flagstaff, Arizona to learn more about the city’s vibrant beer scene and everything there is to do in Northern Arizona. Our editor, Mark, had been through Arizona previously, stopping through Flagstaff while following historic Route 66 through the Grand Canyon State. A stopover was certainly not enough time to see and do everything in the city that was named Arizona’s Craft Beer City.

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Jacksonville’s Kickbacks is a craft beer experience

Kickbacks Gastropub and Goozlepipe & Guttyworks are more than meets the eye.

King Street in Jacksonville looks like an unassuming row of restaurants, shops, and nightlife. With a few bars and breweries in the area, the street looks like any other line of places that might have a good beer or two on draft, but it certainly doesn’t look like the home of one of the most unique beer experiences in the Southeastern United States.

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More Florida breweries are raising funds with community capital sources like Mainvest

More breweries than ever before are turning to community capital- rather than institutional capital alone- to fund their craft beer ventures. Through Mainvest, both established and aspiring brewers can secure a round of funding from community supporters and fans. Using Revenue Sharing Notes, breweries can raise funds from both accredited and non-accredited investors and repay with a percentage of revenue rather than a set interest rate.