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Jacksonville’s Main & Six Brewing Company announces impending closure

On the heels of their Great American Beer Festival medal wins, and their earning the title of “251-500 Barrels Champion Brewer of the Year” from their GABF beers, Jacksonville’s Main & Six Brewing are announcing their upcoming closure.
As with Due South Brewing before them, beer enthusiasts and locals are going to have some time to visit before doors close permanently.
Hey everyone, Dennis here,
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to let everyone know that our brewery, Main & Six, will be closing within the next month and a half. We have a projected closing date of Sunday, March 13. But as with many circumstances in life in recent years, this may change or occur sooner.
I first want to sincerely thank all the staff and loyal customers who have come to make Main & Six such a special place. Without all of you, we would have never made it this far. Over the years we have made some amazing memories, and some amazing beer. When I set out to open a brewery, my goal was to make the best beer possible and have an amazing environment, and I can confidently say we achieved both of those things. I can’t say enough about, or be more thankful for the staff I have been so lucky to have work for us during this time. I have learned so much from all of them. Their hard work and dedication to the brewery and our customers has been all of their greatest attribute. I will always be grateful to them for this.
Many of you are going to ask why we are closing, and that answer is complicated. In short, it is a combination of internal and external factors, one of which has been the current pandemic. I hope those of you reading this understand and respect our desire not to discuss the why, but focus on making the remaining time we are open great. So, I ask those of you wanting to know more, to please respect the staff and not ask them.
It has been one of my life’s greatest pleasures brewing award winning beer for all of you and I am going to miss it, and all your faces. We still have some great events lined up over the course of the next month and half, so be sure stop in and share a beer around great people and our great staff.
From all the staff and myself, thank you for all the great years and events, we wish you all great health and happiness!
Dennis Espinosa
Co-owner & Head Brewer
Main & Six Brewing has won seventeen medals for their beers since 2018.
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About Main & Six Brewing
Main & Six Brewing is a Jacksonville-based brewery located in the historic neighborhood of Springfield.  “We have a passion for brewing craft beer and we want to share that passion with you.”
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