Warpath Imperial IPA

Warpath IPA returns from Tallahassee’s Proof Brewing

Warpath IPA, the beer  first brewed to commemorate FSU’s National Championship win in 2013, is coming back to Tallahassee’s Proof Brewing Company. One of Proof’s most sought-after beers, Warpath consistently sells out fast, so those who seek the beer’s hoppy goodness quickly learn to set alarms or they miss out.  In 2021, Warpath will release on September 2nd.

Civil Society 2019 Logo

Civil Society Brewing is dropping three new canned beers on Friday, August 13th

For any who feared that the offerings would be drastically different between locations of Civil Society Brewing, the brewery is keeping a steady stream of cans coming from both their West Palm Beach and Jupiter locations. This time, the announcement comes along that the famed makers of NEIPAs and many other styles will be dropping three canned releases on Friday, August 13th, including a lager, India pale ale, and double India pale ale.
Mainvest Logo

More Florida breweries are raising funds with community capital sources like Mainvest

More breweries than ever before are turning to community capital- rather than institutional capital alone- to fund their craft beer ventures. Through Mainvest, both established and aspiring brewers can secure a round of funding from community supporters and fans. Using Revenue Sharing Notes, breweries can raise funds from both accredited and non-accredited investors and repay with a percentage of revenue rather than a set interest rate.