Cycle Brewing bottles

Cycle Brewing’s latest bottles go on sale Thursday at 7pm

Cycle Brewing, St. Petersburg’s barrel-focused brewery, has announced the latest round of new releases to emerge from their lauded barrel-aging program – this time with no adjunct ingredients.

Starting on Thursday, November 4th, at 7pm, we’ll be releasing our 4 newest bottles for sale on with pickups starting Friday at 1pm. No adjunctions, just all barrel all day. Yes, we allow proxies and bottles need to be picked up within a week of purchase. We don’t ship. Here are the details on the the bottles:

Cycle Brew Logo 2020

Cycle Brewing updates status of Weekday Bottle Series

One of St. Petersburg’s Cycle Brewing most sought-after series of bottles usually arrive during Tampa Bay Beer Week and mark daily releases each day throughout the week. Each beer is named for a day of the week and contains different adjunct ingredients or blends of barrels, showcasing the versatility and depth of Cycle’s barrel-aging program. Like many parts of 2020 and 2021, the series is progressing but differently than expected.