Orlando’s Redlight Redlight to celebrate a decade in craft beer

When owner Brent Hernandez opened Redlight Redlight as a craft beer bar in the Winter Park area of Orlando, craft beer was much younger, and Florida craft beer was in its infancy. Now, when the Winter Park craft beer landmark celebrates ten years in the business, the celebration requires more than an afternoon, more than a day, and more than a week. Redlight Redlight’s decade-a-versary will take ten days to properly celebrate–one for each year.

Cigar City Brewing Skyline

Cigar City Brewing earns honors at USBTC

Press Release:

The United States Beer Tasting ChampionshipTM (USBTC) recently completed its 21st Winter Competition. A total of 562 beers from 146 breweries were examined across 15 different beer categories. Within each category, the USBTC determined both a Grand Champion and the best entry from each of six U.S. regions: 1) Northeast, 2) Mid-Atlantic/Southeast, 3) Midwest, 4) Rockies/Southwest, 5) California, and 6) Northwest/Pacific.

Hunahpu Day tickets sell out in less than two minutes

The graphic was released: “Hunahpu Day is coming March 14th, 2015.” People were excited.
The ticket price was released: “$200 per ticket.” People balked.
The draft list was released: “An insane number of beers previously unheard of in Florida.” People were excited again.
The members of Cigar City’s reserve society, El Catador Club, got first crack at tickets and the tickets were selling.
The public release came last night, and in less than two minutes all 1,232 tickets were sold.

Hunahpu Day returns to Tampa

In one year, it seems like Cigar City Brewing has brought Tampa both great news and terrible news. Last year’s one-day release of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout seemed like it would be a great time full of limited beers culminating in the release of the Tampa brewery’s lauded dark magic stout. Then the worst happened and after a different kind of day than the brewery imagined, Cigar City Brewing owner Joey Redner swore off Hunahpu Day and told Tampa Bay that the festival known as Hunahpu Day was gone, never to return.