Green Bench to release growlers of Demen’s Black IPA

Saint Petersburg- While droves of people will be out shopping today, standing in line for the latest greatest deals, many craft breweries and beer stores will be worth a pause in the shopping frenzy. Saint Petersburg’s Green Bench Brewing Company is offering a respite from the shopping in their tasting room today, and then releasing growlers of their Demen’s Black IPA for the first time.

Coppertail Brewing and Green Bench Brewing collaborate

While nothing is certain in this life, it is a pretty safe bet that brewing beer in Florida’s endless summer can cause thirst. All the heat of boiling and mashing combined with a lack of air conditioning makes sweat drip like the mighty Mississippi. The kind folks from Green Bench Brewing of Saint Petersburg and Coppertail Brewing of Tampa have announced that they are collaborating on a beer at Green Bench. No details yet, but they have posted a photo of the brewers enjoying ice cold Capri Suns as they brew.