Intuition Ale Works and Proof Brewing to pour collab beer

What happens when one of Jacksonville’s best craft breweries rubs elbows with Tallahassee’s brightest brewing stars? A collaboration beer, of course, and that is just what happened when the folks at Intuition Ale Works met the gents at Proof Brewing Company. The meeting of the minds that took place between the two brewers will soon be pouring forth into Tallahassee.

Intuition Ale Works wants to brew in downtown Jax

It is no secret that Intuition Ale Works is growing in leaps and bounds. The native Jacksonville brewery is working to keep up with demand and has been scouring Jacksonville looking for a new facility. One previously proposed facility came close, but now Intuition owner Ben Davis thinks he has found a brewery site close to downtown that will be big enough for his purposes and close enough to downtown to capture tourist business. One other minor detail: the space in question could quadruple Intuition’s production capacity.

Cigar City, Intuition Ale Works, Brewers’ Tasting Room collaborate

Before the weekend that ended Hunahpu Day, Cigar City owner and CEO Joey Redner and brewer Keegan Malone had an outing to Saint Petersburg’s Brewers’ Tasting Room (BTR) and were joined by Intuition Ale Works’ owner and brewer Ben Davis. What came next was a collaborative effort described by BTR owner Rick Wolfe as “what happens when you put really smart brewers together and let them go.”

Intuition Ale Works works to end ban on 64oz growlers

The growler debate is definitely heating up again. Several articles in statewide newspapers can attest to that. Many lawyers, including friends of Florida Beer News BrewersLaw, have weighed in on the subject. Jacksonville’s Intuition Ale Works is going with their gut and has hired a lobbying firm to help with efforts to legalize the industry-standard 64oz containers.