Intuition Ale Works and Proof Brewing to pour collab beer

What happens when one of Jacksonville’s best craft breweries rubs elbows with Tallahassee’s brightest brewing stars? A collaboration beer, of course, and that is just what happened when the folks at Intuition Ale Works met the gents at Proof Brewing Company. The meeting of the minds that took place between the two brewers will soon be pouring forth into Tallahassee.

Green Room Brewing to celebrate 4th anniversary; release Secret Spot

Every year as summer gets ready to kick off, it has been a Jacksonville Beach tradition to stop by Green Room Brewing, grab a bottle of their barrel-aged Secret Spot, and enjoy the festivities of another circle ’round the sun for the craft brewery. 2015 will see a new variation on Secret Spot, but the same regalia to cheer on the fine folks at Green Room.

Bold City Brewery to begin adding nitro beer to tap room

Jacksonville’s Bold City Brewery has had a pretty steady lineup of beers in their tap room since they finalized their seasonal rotation. To shake things up a bit, Bold City is going to be adding a nitro tap to their Jacksonville tasting room and will begin to nitrogenize some of their beers accordingly. The brewery announced in a recent newsletter that the brewery is going to be “experimenting with some of Bold City’s beer served from a nitro tap.”