Pinglehead Phobia Fest is coming to Jacksonville

Pinglehead Brewing Company from the Orange Park area of Jacksonville has recently announced that their Halloween party this year will be called Phobia Fest. Phobia Fest, as it sounds, will not be for the faint of heart (although some family activities will be included) and will bring together artists, paranormal experts, and beer geeks for a day out of the ordinary. With all that will be happening, Pinglehead is planning to make Phobia Fest an annual tradition.

Engine 15 “is finally alive” on Myrtle Street

Engine 15 Brewing Company of Jacksonville Beach has been working diligently to build their new production brewery in the La Villa section of Jacksonville. Well, like Doctor Frankenstein amazed by his creation, co-owners and brewers Luciano Scremin and Sean Bielman posted a video of them standing next to the brewhouse of their Myrtle Street facility and simply saying, “It’s finally alive” as steam poured out of the brewkettle.