Pinglehead Phobia Fest is coming to Jacksonville

Pinglehead Brewing Company from the Orange Park area of Jacksonville has recently announced that their Halloween party this year will be called Phobia Fest. Phobia Fest, as it sounds, will not be for the faint of heart (although some family activities will be included) and will bring together artists, paranormal experts, and beer geeks for a day out of the ordinary. With all that will be happening, Pinglehead is planning to make Phobia Fest an annual tradition.

Tomoka Brewery announces fifteen barrel expansion

Tomoka Brewery, Ormond Beach’s first craft brewery, will soon be expanding their operation. Tomoka owners Peter Szunyogh and Jen Hawkins will are settling on a facility outside of Ormond Beach in Port Orange to house their fifteen-barrel brewing system and new restaurant. While the current facility makes one barrel of beer at a time for their eight-tap pizza restaurant, the new facility will have twelve taps and be able to brew fifteen barrels of beer at a time.