Wakefield, Cigar City Cider, and Cigar City Brewing host tap takeover

Fresh off the heels of raising over $55,000 in just over a day for his new brewery project in Miami, brewer Johnathan Wakefield is not content to rest on his laurels.

Wakefield has proven himself to be the Where’s Waldo of Florida craft beer, showing up at various locations in the Tampa Bay area with brews and collaborations on his mind, most recently sojourning over in Brewer’s Tasting Room in Saint Petersburg. While brewing with owner Rick Wolfe, J. Wakefield and Cigar City Cider and Mead guru Todd Strauss worked out details for the mother of Tampa events: an opportunity to showcase Wakefield’s beers alongside Cigar City Cider and Cigar City Brewing in the Tampa Bay area.

From these creative minds, The Panic Attack Tap Takeover was born.


This event will feature some of the beers that Wakefield has brewed with Rick Wolfe at Brewers’ Tasting Room, including a hefeweizen, a berliner weisse, and a porter (no word yet if these will be similar to any of Wakefield’s future core beers).

Cigar City Cider and Mead and Cigar City Brewing will also have brewed with Brewers’ Tasting Room and their beers will be released on the same night.

The Panic Attack Tap Takeover will happen Friday, October 4th at Brewers’ Tasting Room, located 11270 4th Street North in Saint Petersburg, 33716. Their phone number is (727)873-3900. Look for exclusive beers, witty banter, and sparkling conversation from all three breweries at this event.