Orchid Island Brewery begins barrel aging

Orchid Island Brewery of Vero Beach is known for their citrus-forward beers. Ruby Red DIPA, Citron Farmhouse Ale, and Jungle Trail Black IPA all have elements of citrus as well as a relatively high alcohol content. These citrus beers are what has built the brewhouse at Orchid Island, but starting last week, Orchid Island has begun barrel aging their beers, beginning with an imperial stout.

From Orchid Island:

Orchid Island Brewery Imperial Stout + three 50 gallon Angel’s Envy finishing barrels (former ruby Port barrels) + 150 Ugandan, Madagascar or Mexican vanilla beans = Ambrosia… We’ll revisit them in two or three months to see how things are going.

Orchid Island Brewery is located at 2855 Ocean Drive in Vero Beach.

About Orchid Island Brewery

Orchid Island Brewery is a three barrel micro-brewery from Vero Beach, Florida. Great care is put into our recipes to provide a unique twist on trendy styles using local Indian River citrus. We look towards the history of Vero Beach in creating beer recipes. This town was built around the citrus industry and we pay homage to where we come from. Indian River County, and the town Orchid Island more specifically, is widely recognized as a region that grows the world’s finest citrus; similar to Sonoma or Napa Valley being synonymous with high quality grapes.

What makes Orchid Island unique is its proximity to the ocean and the Indian River lagoon. During the worst winter cold fronts, the ocean and river have a warming effect over the island that keeps the fruit just above freezing. The end result is great tasting citrus which contributes to the unique OIB beers.