is sending Florida beer across the country

Press Release:

A new company is spreading the love of craft beer in a unique way. is a website that sells craft beer baskets to beer lovers across the country. Each basket includes hand-picked craft beers from both local and nationally known breweries allowing customers to try new beers they might not otherwise have tried or heard of. The focus of the basket is the highly rated craft beer, which is shipped in either a galvanized, reusable beer bucket or a wooden crate and complemented with sweet and salty snacks.

The business is owned and operated by Joe and Kym Toner from St. Petersburg, FL. “With so many new microbreweries bottling and distributing their beer, we wanted to introduce craft enthusiasts to a variety of breweries and styles that they might not otherwise have access to.” explains Kym Toner, Co-owner and Director of Sales and Marketing. The couple launched in March of 2014 and started with more than 20 buckets ranging from themes such as beach and fishing to styles including ales, lagers and IPAs. “We quickly found out that our customers didn’t care about the themes of the beers as much as they did the flavors. The IPA bucket quickly became our top seller”. After receiving feedback from customers, the company released the Top Rated Craft Beer Basket which quickly took the #1 spot. “It is really all about having high rated, great tasting beer. Every beer in this bucket has been rated a 90 or above from Beer Advocate and Rate Beer. It is exciting to have beer waiting for you at your doorstep, but when you realize that it is a selection of great tasting, top rated craft beers, the recipient can’t wait to dig in.” states Toner.

The company carries local favorites such as Cigar City and 3 Daughters, and also offers beer from larger breweries such as Dogfish Head, Lagunitas and Stone. With such a large assortment of microbrews, the introduction of the Create Your Own Beer Basket took the couple’s business to a whole new level. “We carry 80+ beers, allowing our customers to create the perfect combination of microbrews” Toner explains. With a nice selection of Florida beers, craft enthusiasts from every coast can see why Florida is making a name for itself in the craft scene. “I get excited when one my personal favorites, The 3 Daughters Beach Blonde or a Cigar City brew gets selected in the Create Your Own Beer Basket. We are putting some of the best beers that are only available locally in the hands of a craft enthusiasts all across the country. I take a lot of pride in that. We want to help our local breweries grow, and this is one way we can achieve that goal” explains Toner. Currently, the site offers Cigar City, 3 Daughters and Florida Beer Company with plans to add more Florida breweries in the very near future. The product is prepared and shipped out of a warehouse in Pinellas Park, and can be shipped to 44 states across the US. According to Toner, the site ships more product to California than any other state. New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania also top the list.

There are many other websites that sell beer baskets, with a few that offer 1 or 2 assortments of well-known craft beers. is the only site that focuses solely on craft beers and hand-picks every beer that they carry based on a number of criteria, with the quality rating being the most important factor. “When we started this business, we knew there were millions of craft beer drinkers that would like our product, but we didn’t anticipate the demand our product received once people found out about us” says Toner. Since their launch in March of 2014, the couple has sold over 1600 beer baskets to beer enthusiasts across the US with forecasts projecting more than double that number in 2015. “We are constantly researching and tasting new beers, making sure that we only carry high quality, top rated brews. This focus allows us to become a leader in the marketplace for those looking for the ultimate gift for beer lovers.”