Bold City Brewery starts Treatment Thursdays

Bold City Brewery keeps rocking and rolling with news of releases and now the brewery is going to start tapping a new treatment once each week.

From the Bold City newsletter:

Also, next Thursday (29 September 2016) we’ll be starting something we’ve coined as Bold Treatment Thursdays. We’ll be taking one of the Bold City Brews and treating / infusing it with different flavors. First up next week is the Mad Manatee IPA treated with Meyers Lemon Zest and Organic Kaffir Lime Leaves. We’ll have one half barrel keg which is 15.5 gallons or approx. 124 pints. When it’s gone it’s gone and we’ll tap a newly treated brew the following Bold Treatment Thursday! No growler fills of these brews.

About Bold City Brewery
Bold City Brewery is locally owned and operated by Brian and Susan Miller (no relation to the Miller Brewing Company, although the money would be nice). They are supported by the rest of the Miller family who all have a hand in the operations whether it be marketing, distributing, ordering supplies, cleaning tanks, or doing what’s most important: brewing beer. Brian, the Brewmaster, started home brewing in 2002. He was a member of the Local Home Brewers club in Jacksonville prior to opening the brewery. His mother, Susan, left her job in management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to join the beer biz. She is primarily responsible for managing the on-site Tavern.
The concept of opening a business, any business, can be a scary one, but at some point,
you have to allow yourself to dream about what could be and push forward with your aspirations. There has been a lot of long hours and hard work, but we’ve been blessed with good times and a bundle of fun along the way.  Our city has a very large craft brew following and it’s our honor to create Jacksonville’s own selection of Craft Beer. We hope to see you soon! BE BOLD!

Bold City Brewery is located at 2670-7 Rosselle Street in Jacksonville.