What is happening during Tampa Bay Beer Week? Get an idea on the latest episode

The latest episode of the BeerWise Podcast is out now with special guest Chris Fairchild, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Beer Week.

Chris Fairchild is only the second executive director that Tampa Bay Beer Week has ever had. He took over the organization just before the global pandemic hit and the organization faced the biggest changes they would ever have to make, including the tough decision to watch most of Tampa Bay Beer Week get cancelled in 2020.

Now back for 2022 with renewed focus, Chris talks about what the time in the pandemic was like for an organization established to promote Tampa Bay bustling beer community.

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In this episode, you also see the second iteration of a segment I am calling “The Six Pack.” These are six questions to conclude the episode, all related to the beer industry and what the guest has learned in the industry. The “six pack” give a little more information about Chris and about his thoughts on the beer industry.

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About Tampa Bay Beer Week
Tampa Bay Beer Week is organized and operated by Tampa Bay Beer Week Inc., a 501c6 Not-for-profit organization. Our board consists of brewers, brewery owners, distributors, home brewers and independent beer enthusiasts.

The inaugural Tampa Bay Beer Week was established in 2012, and has since hosted thousands of events ranging from large-scale festivals to beer tastings, beer dinners and more. The success of TBBW has been a major factor in the continuing growth of the Tampa Bay area craft beer community. Tampa Bay Beer Week begins on the first Saturday of March and ends 8 days later. It has become the premier Beer Week destination in the Southeast. Our annual mid-year festival, Halfway There, is our major fundraising event.