Orlando Brewing has announced pending move – new location named

Orlando Brewing has been teasing their impending move to a new facility for a while, but the brewery named for The City Beautiful has not identified a specific area and address for their destination. The brewery posted the news today along with a mapped image of where their new home will be.

From Orlando Brewing:

Well folks, it’s official! Our new home will be located at 5368 International Drive. We will begin to initiate the move later this month with our final day of business being July 4. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know! Thank you to all of our friends, family, and patrons for the continued support over the years. We are very excited about the future!

Orlando Brewing new location


















About Orlando Brewing
Orlando Brewing first opened its doors on Gore Street just after the turn of the century, and in October of 2004, John Cheek gained ownership of the company. Ed Canty, founder of the Florida Brewer’s Guild and professional brewer, joined John to restart the company. With the aid of Gene Lohri Orlando Brewing was soon on its feet. However, less than three months later the team was informed their location was to be turned over to the Florida Department of Transportation under an eminent domain provision.

The year it took to build out the new location gave them time to re-think the direction of their brewery. The partners decided to brew what they wanted to drink, and they wanted to drink the best. So they committed to making only the highest quality ales and lagers. But what did “highest quality” mean? To Orlando Brewing it meant two things for sure. It meant the company would brew their beer in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 (the Reinheitsgebot), and that they would only use organic ingredients.

Our beers can be found in over 500 locations in Florida and Graeme Lay is now our Brewmaster. And while four times a year he releases a beer that violates the Reinheitsgetbot (though organically brewed and appropriately dubbed “The Violator Series”), Orlando Brewing has maintained the commitment to bring you only the best.

And that’s something you can raise a glass to.