Jacksonville’s Veterans United releases WatchStander IPA with The Fire Watch Program

Jacksonville’s Veterans United Craft Brewery has released their WatchStander IPA for 2023.  Just like previous years’ release, WatchStander IPA has a mission to draw attention to and prevent veterans suicide.

From Veterans United Craft Brewery:

WatchStander IPA!

Veterans United Brewery The WatchStander IPA“WatchStander – a person who is on watch on a ship; the act of watchstanding is essential to the safe operation of the vessel and allows the ship to respond to emergencies and other situations quickly.”

The Fire Watch Program – Your Turn to Stand

Veterans United teamed up with The Fire Watch, a community-based program focused on bringing an end to veteran suicide in Florida.

The Fire Watch’s cornerstone veteran suicide prevention initiative is the Watch Stander program.

The Fire Watch launched on May 1, 2020, and is a community-led, early intervention network of veterans and civilian volunteers trained to identify risk factors of veterans in crisis and to direct those veterans to the help and resources they need.

The program is available to EVERYONE in our community.

It takes just 30 seconds to enroll and 30 minutes to train – become a Watch Stander today!

Veterans United employees are Watch Standers and the VU Taproom is a Fire Watch ”Veteran Safe Place!”

WatchStander IPA is a special limited-release New England-style IPA.

To create the juicy flavor of tropical fruits and citrus, the beer was brewed and dry-hopped with an immense amount of Citra, Ekunot, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops.

Hazy and light golden in color, the WatchStander is an extremely drinkable beer that is packed with hop flavor!


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About Veterans United Craft Brewery
We are dedicated to satiating healthy appetites with flavorful beer through the use of fresh, quality ingredients and hope to expand the definition of what beer can be through our hard work and innovation. We also value ideas and technologies that reinforce our social and environmental responsibility to our local community.

Veterans United Craft Brewery is committed to making a positive contribution to Jacksonville and beyond, and we look forward to sharing a pint with you!