Nile Zacherle of Mad Fritz Brewing Company joins the BeerWise Podcast to talk about Origin Beer

In this episode of the BeerWise Podcast, Mark is joined by Nile Zacherle, the President and Master Brewer of Mad Fritz Brewing Company in Saint Helena, California.

I was introduced to Nile via one of his beers sent by a friend. The beer was so close to the line between wines and beers that I was intrigued, so I looked up the brewery.

I was able to get some time with Nile to speak about Mad Fritz Brewing and the philosophy of “Origin Beer.” Mad Fritz and their beers, according to Nile, is a reflection of the beer’s ingredients, not the recipe. In addition to making the beer, Mad Fritz malts their own barley and sources water from different wells and springs, often close to the brewery. Nile feels that the beer that emerges from this process is a reflection of the land it was grown on and the people who had a hand in making it.

Mad Fritz Podcast

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About Mad Fritz Brewing
We craft ales and lagers with an emphasis on controlling the raw materials furthering the expression of a time, place, and the people that make it happen. The best beers are always crafted while including the community. The Napa Valley is an incredible place that inspires us to grow, ferment and create: wine, food, and beer! We have an endless number of skilled farmers, viticulturists, and just fun people to work with that love the dirt. At the end of the day, beer is kind of like people…we are distinctive, complex, diversified, and prone to be interpreted in many different ways.