Magnanimous Brewing celebrates three years with four-day celebration

Magnanimous Brewing has accomplished quite a bit in three years of life. Since opening their brewery in Tampa Heights, the brewery has collaborated with brewers from around the world, they have been to festivals all over the world, they have won state and national awards, including this year’s Great American Beer Festival, and they have opened a second location in Bradenton.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Magnanimous Brewing has invited the whole community to four days of celebration to include a plethora of beers that appeal to all manner of drinkers.

From Magnanimous Brewing

Magnanimous Brewing Juice Lord Set for 3rd Anniversary



Thursday, October 5th – Four unique canned Juice Lord variants
Juice Lord Have Mercy DDH Hazy IPA
Juice Lord & Savior Hazy Double IPA
Juice Lord Almighty Hazy Triple IPA
Juice Lord Save Us Hazy Quad IPA




Magnanimous Brewing Barrel-Aged set for third anniversary



Friday, October 6th – Four unique barrel aged bottles
The Keep Volume V
Infinite Odyssey Voyage III
All That Was Promised BA Barleywine with Cacao Nibs & Vanilla Beans, collab with Corporate Ladder Brewing Company
Eternal Majesty BA Imperial Stout with Coconut, Almonds, & Cacao Nibs



Magnanimous Brewing Collaboration beers for third anniversary



Fresh Bars – Hazy IPA, collab with Xül Beer Co
Planet Iommia – Hazy DIPA, collab with Widowmaker Brewing
Flow Easy – Hazy TIPA, collab with Vitamin Sea Brewing
The Undertoker – Hazy QIPA, collab with North Park Beer Co.




Sunday, October 8th – We dip into the archives and tap some special beers in Tampa

Magnanimous Brewing is also debuting a doppelbock this weekend called Decimator that was brewed in collaboration with Mark DeNote, the editor of Florida Beer News.

Learn more about Magnanimous Brewing from co-owner Charlie Meers on the BeerWise Podcast.  Learn more about Magnanimous Brewing’s anniversary shenanigans by visiting the brewery’s social media.

Magnanimous Brewing Logo


About Magnanimous Brewing
Founded by wily veterans of the craft brewing industry, Magnanimous Brewing has made their home in Tampa Heights, near some of the bay’s most buzzworthy libation creators. The brewers of Magnanimous have a penchant for creating flavorful beers of all different styles – from high gravity to low gravity and beyond. The best way to experience the beer and the energy of Magnanimous Brewing is by visiting the tasting room.

“Magnanimous people have no vanity, they have no jealousy, and they feed on the true and solid wherever they find it. And what’s more, they find it everywhere.” – Van Wyck Brooks.