This Florida brewery is moving into Angry Chair’s building…

News has been spreading of Angry Chair Brewing’s recent announcement: the crew is staying in Tampa’s Seminole Heights neighborhood and will be moving into the space recently vacated by Brew Bus Brewing.

The question remains: who is moving into the space that Angry Chair currently occupies at 6401 North Florida Avenue?

During his recent appearance on the BeerWise Podcast, Angry Chair owner Ryan Dowdle talked about how excited he and his team are to move to their new home and begin brewing on a new brewing system. Ryan also revealed that they had already worked out a deal with another Florida brewery to move in and adapt the space for a satellite brewery. Dowdle revealed that Tallahassee’s Ology Brewing had decided to lock in a Tampa location.

Ology Brewing, like Angry Chair Brewing, has made a name for themselves in the Tallahassee market with thick imperial stouts, fruited Berliner weisses, and New England IPAs. Ology Brewing currently has three locations in Tallahassee (one of which is under construction), one original taproom and brewery, and one location that houses Ology Distilling – Tallahassee’s first craft distillery.  Ology is excited to bring their beers to Tampa and introduce themselves to the Tampa Bay market.

Details of this news are still emerging, and more will be posted as details become available. According to Ryan, he hopes to have Angry Chair Brewing moved into their new location and operational by March of 2022.

Interior of Ology Brewing Midtown

Interior of Ology Brewing’s Midtown Tallahassee location


Ology Brewing

About Ology Brewing
We’re an experimental brewery, where we create small-batch ales that let the wild, funky and sour flavors of beer converge. Here, we believe that microbes are magical and taste is transcendent. That’s why we constantly work to revive old-world recipes, research ingredient combinations, and experiment with new techniques to give you a higher quality beer experience.




Angry Chair Logo 2016

About Angry Chair Brewing
You’re probably here for the stouts, that’s what we are most known for. There’s no line we won’t cross in that area, and we appreciate the love we receive for our interpretations of that style. With beer, you’re always learning, experimenting, and tweaking something. We consider our beers forward-thinking, and we don’t always brew to style. Somehow we won a gold medal for our pilsner though, so we can follow the rules if we want to.

We brew beer, we age beer, we bottle beer, we’re gonna can beer, and we definitely drink beer.