Alafia Brewing to close its doors

On the heels of the announcement that Boynton Beach’s Due South Brewing will close in 2021, Gibsonton’s own Alafia Brewing Company, open for less than one year, is closing its doors at the end of October 2021. The brewery is one of two breweries in Gibsonton (Four Stacks Brewing is the other) have both encountered difficulty and unless an unlikely scenario comes through, Gibsonton will soon be down to one craft brewery.

It is with a heavy heart that we must officially announce that Alafia Brewing Co will be closing its doors for good on November 1st. As many of you are aware, we’ve been building this business for more than 3 years and have only been open 10 months, but due to unforeseen circumstances on several fronts, we have reached a point where barring a miracle, this business is no longer a viable opportunity. It has been an interesting and very challenging couple of years for everyone involved and it was a very difficult decision to make but at this point we have all agreed to close this chapter and move on.
We will continue to remain open for the next week to help sell the rest of our inventory and of course, say farewell to our long-time and loyal customers and founders. We are still having a final Halloween weekend bash with our final brunch on Sunday the 31st with our friends from DWI Wrestling. So don’t miss these last week of fun with all your favorite friends at Alafia Brewing Co.
Alafia Brewing Company Logo
About Alafia Brewing Company
Founded in Gibsonton, Florida by award-winning brewers with over a decade of competitive brewing experience. Alafia Brewing Company specializes in small batch recipes that range from old-school traditional European to the hip and trendy beer styles of today. No matter which beer you choose to try, we know you’ll enjoy the fruits of our passion.
For more information on Alafia Brewing, please visit the brewery’s website or Facebook page.