American Craft Aleworks closes West Palm Beach location

In a post-COVID era that has seen so many Florida craft breweries shut their doors for various reasons, American Craft Aleworks of West Palm Beach posted Friday about the impending closure of one of their locations.

This is in addition to the closure of Alafia Brewing Company in Gibsonton, and the impending closure of Boynton Beach’s Due South Brewing Company, which is slated to close permanently in December of 2021. Like many other brewery closures, few reasons were pointed to in explanation and a sudden closing was on the calendar.

From American Craft Aleworks West Palm Beach:

American Craft Aleworks SignIt is with great sadness that we must announce the closing of our West Palm Beach location as of this Saturday 11/20. We will miss the scores of patrons and guest who became friends and family over the past 2.5 years. I think most of all though, we will miss our Downtown West Palm Beach community, whom stuck with us through the hard times and helped revele [sic] in our successes. West Palm Beach we will miss you and the indelible mark you left on each and every member of the ACA family. So we invite you to come out this weekend and help us say goodbye the best way we know how, with a beer in hand!
The great Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Without beer life would be a mistake” and we tend to agree wholeheartedly! So come out this weekend and let’s raise one last glass and toast to great beer! Cheers 🍻
The ACA Family

As of Sunday, there have been no updates about the Coral Springs location of American Craft Aleworks. The Coral Springs location has posted no updates around closure and still appears to be open for business.

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American Craft Aleworks is a specialty brewery with a focus on hand crafted beers featuring flavors inspired by the culinary world.