Ryan Sentz of Funky Buddha Brewery joins the BeerWise Podcast

This episode, Ryan Sentz of Oakland Park’s Funky Buddha Brewery joins the BeerWise podcast to talk about a few tidbits of news he has regarding buying back the brewery from Constellation Brands.

Before we get to our guest for this episode, I wanted to take a minute and thank those of you who carve out time to listen to this podcast every few weeks. This podcast is a labor of love for me – and I get to have some great conversations with the fine people in the world of craft beer and beverages, but it is not my day job and it takes time to create this show.

Recently, the BeerWise Podcast brought home a Gold Crushie – an award for “crushing it” in the field of craft beer marketing. According to the Craft Beer Marketing Awards organization, in order “To award a 2023 CBMAS Gold Crushie, the judges panel will be seeking entries that meet or exceed the defined category objectives by using strategy, creativity, and innovative production techniques to achieve a perceived, higher level of uniqueness.”

I am extremely proud to have earned this award from those currently marketing in the beer industry, and excited to keep bringing you the words and stories of the amazing and awesome people in the beverage industry and beyond.

Thank you again for your support, emails, and words of encouragement.

Speaking of the great people in the beer industry and their stories…  Ryan Sentz of Funky Buddha joins me to talk this episode about a few of his goings-on.

Ryan is the founder and soon-to-be-owner of Funky Buddha Brewery – a brewery that made a name bringing intense flavors into beer that many could not believe. The beer that introduced many people to the brewery was Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, a beer that did not contain actual bacon, but made many wonder how such flavors were possible. From small beginnings, brewing beer in a lounge in Boca Raton to an expansion that brought the brewery into their current home, a 54,000 sq-ft facility with a 30-barrel brewhouse. This made Funky Buddha’s beer more available for distribution and brought the brewery to the attention of Constellation Brands, the international corporation who imports Corona Extra, Modelo Especial, and many of the fastest-growing import brands for Grupo Modelo. In 2017, Constellation Brands had recently bought Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego and then news broke that Funky Buddha Brewery was being acquired as well. Since 2017, Funky Buddha Brewery has grown under the ownership of Constellation Brands with Ryan and his brother KC at the helm. The brothers who originally got into the beer business to make the funky flavors that amaze drinkers still guided the brewery.

Fast forward to 2023 and Ryan and KC announce that they will be buying back Funky Buddha Brewery from Constellation Brands. Constellation Brands sells their craft breweries and exits the craft beer business, focusing on other brands of beer that they own.

Ryan Sentz of Funky Buddha Brewery joins the BeerWise Podcast

Ryan and KC re-enter the world of brewery ownership in one of the most competitive times in history for craft beer. This was one of the focuses of our conversation. Ryan was also nice enough to give me his hot take about other news that broke this week – the news that Sapporo, the Japanese brewer who owns San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing, will be cutting back Anchor’s distribution to California only and will be discontinuing Anchor’s storied Christmas beer called Our Special Ale. I wanted his opinion on this topic as someone returning to brewery ownership after a hiatus.

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